RAD 2014


The abstracts should be up to one-page long (including figures, tables and references). The authors are supposed to declare their preference for either oral or poster presentation in their application. The abstracts should be submitted only in electronic form (either in MS Word or pdf format) via e-mail to The deadline for the submission of abstracts is December 20, 2011 (it is now extended until January 20, 2012).

The abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts. The authors should submit their full papers up to 4 pages long by March 15, 2012, if they want their papers to be published in the Conference Proceedings. All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Current list of received abstracts:

1. Ahmadi Jeshvaghane, Nematollah, "A survey of some parameters related to patient treated with 131i in nuclear medicine Iran"

2. Ailavajhala, Mahesh et al., "Study of gamma radiation induced effects in Ge-rich chalcogenide thin films"

3. Amirzadi, M. et al., "Measurements of natural exposures in dwellings and radon concentration in the water sources in Tonekabon and Ramsar cities of Iran"

4. Anđelković, Marko et al., "An auto-ranging electrometer for current mode dosimetry"

5. Anđelković, Marko et al., "A pulse mode gamma radiation monitoring system"

6. Antovic, Ivanka; Antovic, M. Nevenka, "Exposure analysis for the mullet species Liza ramada (Risso, 1826) from the South Adriatic Sea"

7. Antovic, M. Nevenka et al., "An estimation of 238Pu activity in Montenegro soil using the 238Pu/239+240Pu activity ratio"

8. Bajinyan, S. et al. "Effects of low intensive 900-MHz RF-EMR on animal blood indices after single acute or fractional total body exposure"

9. Baneva, Yanka I. et al., "Feasibility studies of Eu + Li co-doped Gd2O3 as a thermoluminescence detector for UV emission"

10. Banqueri, J. et al., "An alternative measurement method for MOSFET dosimeters"

11. Basarić, Borko et al., "Two field breast plan vs. optimized conformal breast plan: comparison of plan parameters"

12. Basij, M; Karimian, A., "Absorbed dose assessment of breast, cardiac and other tissue during breast imaging by SPECT"

13. Becker, Frank; Blunck, Christoph, "Radiation exposure of medical staff: application of hand phantoms in experiments and simulations"

14. Beganović, Adnan et al., "Computer aided design of structural shielding"

15. Beganović, Adnan et al., "Patient doses in urogenital radiography in Clinical Centre of Sarajevo University"

16. Beheshti, Amir Korang et al., "Gamma dose evaluation of ITER based on neutron activation calculation"

17. Bezuidenhout, J., "A study of the relationship between the concentrations of naturally occurring uranium and thorium in various locations in the Republic of South Africa"

18. Bezuidenhout, J., "Measuring low concentrations of naturally occurring uranium by analysing the 352 keV gamma ray peak of 214Bi"

19. Biernacka, Magdalena; Mandowski, Arkadiusz, "OSL properties of natural sodium chloride"

20. Bikit, Istvan et al., "Non-ionizing radiation measurements in Vojvodina"

21. Blagojević, Marjan; Vračar, Ljubomir, "Magnetic field dosimeter"

22. Bodor, Károly, "Environmental and radiation protection at the KFKI campus"

23. Brumen, Vlatka, "Capilaroscopy – a useful tool for an early detection of vascular radiolesions"

24. Carvajal, M.A. et al., "Evaluation of DMOS transistors as electron beams dosimeter"

25. Čekerevac, Dragana et al., "Calibration of dosimeters used in diagnostic radiology in terms of kerma-area product"

26. Cfarku, Florinda; Bylyku, Elida, "The presence of ra isotopes in drinking water in Albania"

27. Chukova, Yu. P. "Fundamental laws of efficiency of isothermal processes under ionising and non-ionising electromagnetic radiation"

28. Cornejo, J. M. et al., "A compact monochromatic electron source to calibrate radiation detectors"

29. Cvetkovic, B. et al., "Induced radioactivity due to photonuclear production of radioisotopes in a high-energy linear accelerator used for radiation therapy"

30. Čučulović, Ana et al., "Evaluation of radiation load of moss and lichen in the Đerdap national park"

31. Čudić, Ozren et al., "Dose calibration of medical linear accelerators: Institutional beam calibration protocol vs. IAEA/WHO TLD postal dose audit"

32. Ćurguz, Zoran et al., "The analysis of meteorological and geological influence on radon concentration in the schools of Banjaluka City"

33. Dachev, T., "Earth and moon ionizing radiation distribution as obtained with Bulgarian build instruments"

34. Davidović, Milos et al., "Numerical estimation of energy distribution and specific absorption rate in the vicinity of the base station antenna system"

35. Dimitric, D. et al., "The issue of dose output inconstancy in commissioning of the X-ray Therapy Unit"

36. Drakulić, Dunja et al., "Extracellular nucleotide hydrolysis in adult female rat brain after ionizing irradiation"

37. Djordjevic, Branka et al., "Protective effect of melatonin on thymus of rats exposed to microwave radiation"

38. Djindjic, Boris et al., "Immunopathogenic role of GSM-900MHz electromagnetic field exposure through early thymus involution in rats"

39. Dogjani, Safet et al., "Assessment of radionuclides and radon concentration in Priske - mollas coal area"

40. Dogjani, Safet et al., "The relation of radon concentration with tectonics that caused the earthquake of september 2009, in Gjorica, with magnitude 5.5"

41. Duane, Russell et al., "Positron detector for radiochemistry on chip applications"

42. Dumitru, A. Oet al., "Uranium electrodeposition for alpha spectrometry sources preparation"

43. Đorić, Gorana; Stojić, Gordana "Ionizing radiation in printed media in Serbia"

44. Đurašević, Mirjana et al., "The content of natural radionuclides in lignite samples from open pit mines “Kolubara”, Serbia"

45. Elmehd, Hussein et al., "Application of in-situ gamma-ray spectrometry to assess the concentrations of 40K, 238U and 232Th and mean annual effective dose rate levels in the several United Arab Emirates cities."

46. Eminov, A. U.,"Combined effects of x-ray and electromagnetic radiation on the activity of catalase enzyme in liver tissues"

47. Eremić-Savković, Maja et al., "Radiation protection monitoring in the vicinity of the coal-fired power plants “Nikola Tesla A” and “Nikola Tesla B”"

48. Fasaei, Behzad et al., "Patient dose evaluation for cardiac interventional examinations in Iran"

49. Fleta, C. et al., "Ultra-thin 3D silicon detectors for active neutron detection"

50. Gershan, Vesna; Ristova, Mimoza "Evaluation of the HOLOGIC Selenia FFDM system with tungsten tube"

51. Ghazanfari, Maryam et al., "Effective dose to staff in interventional cardiology: Estimation from film bage and thermoluminescent dosimeters"

52. Gromozova, E.N. et al., "Microorganisms as a model system for studying the biological effects of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation"

53. Hadnađev, R. D. et al., "Justification of computerized tomography examinations and radiation risks in everyday radiological practice"

54. Helal Nadia, "Patient organs dose calculations in nuclear medicine"

55. Ilijin, Larisa et al., "The response of A1 dorso-medial and L1 dorso-lateral gypsy moth neurosecretory neurons after acute exposure to magnetic fields"

56. Ioannidou, A. et al., "Fukushima fallout at Thessaloniki, Greece (40ºN) and Milano, Italy (45ºN)"

57. Ivanova, Kremena; Badulin, Victor, "Indoor radon measurement in former uranium mining regions in Bulgaria"

58. Jabal-Ameli, Hamidreza et al., "Nano-dosimetric comparison of 90Y, 67Cu, and 32P radioactive nanoparticles in solid tumors"

59. Janković-Mandić, Ljiljana et al., "Population doses from terrestrial gamma exposure in Belgrade (Serbia) and their relation to geological setting"

60. Jantsikene, A et al., "Observation of radon-222 progeny decay processes by the time dependent gamma-ray spectroscopy"

61. Jelenković, Emil V. et al., "Post-irradiation constant current stress stability in sputtered gate oxides"

62. Jelenković, Emil V. et al., "Positive bias temperature stress in irradiated and non-irradiated thin film transistors (TFTs)"

63. Jovanović, Zoran et al., "Determination of depleted uranium in the river Ibar"

64. Jovanovic, Ugljesa et al., "Realization of the low cost multichannel gamma analyzer"

65. Joža, A. V. et al., "Fluorescence based fiber-optic UV sensor"

66. Karadžić, Veljko et al., "Safety assessment of diagnostic ultrasound in clinical settings"

67. Karimian, Alireza et al., "Risk assessment of bone metastasis treatment by Monte Carlo method"

68. Karimian, A. et al., "Extra absorbed dose assessment of cardiac and other tissues around the cardiac during transmission attenuation correction of cardiac SPECT imaging"

69. Kazantsev, P.V. et al., "Monte Carlo modeling of the medical linear accelerator and experimental verification of the model"

70. Kempińska, Monika, "Yttrium - 90 in the radionuclide therapy – dosimetric aspects"

71. Khamidullina, N.M. Zefirov, I.V. "Using of modern designing methods for calculation of local radiation parameters onboard spacecrafts"

72. Kishta, Drilona, et al., "Optimization of ionizing radiation in medicine"

73. Kocsonya, András, "Detection limit and sampling period in environmental analysis"

74. Korir, G.K. et al., "Patient dose measurement in fluoroscopically-guided interventional procedures"

75. Krajcar, Bronić, Ines et al., "14C activity monitoring in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant Krško 2006 – 2011"

76. Krajca, Bronić, Ines et al., "Intercomparison of low-level tritium and radiocarbon measurements in environmental samples"

77. Kravets A.P. "New analytic method for assessment of ingestion doses from 3Н. Approach at the terms of radioecological information incompleteness"

78. Kravets A.P. "The world underestimates the consequences of chronic radiation exposure."

79. Krezhova, Dora "Hyperspectral remote sensing of reflected and emitted radiation as a means for preservation of terrestrial ecosystems"

80. Krezhov, K. "Neutron diffraction assisted investigations in condensed matter physics and materials science at inrne - BAS"

81. Krstic, Dragana et al., "Modeling of ORNL thyroid phantom as an input file for MCNP"

82. Krstic, Dragana et al., "Calculation of effective dose in ORNL phantoms series due to natural radioactivity in building materials"

83. Krstić, Dejan et al., "Modeling of penetrating electromagnetic fields of mobile phones in experimental animals"

84. Koleva, R. et al., "Is the terrestrial magnetosphere a natural radiation shield on moon space missions?"

85. Kotava, A.; Sosnovskaya, A. "The comparative analysis of incidence illnesses of system of blood circulation among various categories of the population, undergone to influence ionizing radiations owing to accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station"

86. Kudryasheva, N.S. et al., "Effects of ionizing radiation on bacterial cells"

87. Kunosic, Suad, et al., "Analysis of application of mean glandular dose and factors on which it depends to patients aged 65 to 80"

88. Lotfi, M. et al., "Study of self-absorption correction for environmental gammaspectroscopy of soil samples using Marinelli beaker"

89. Maganioti, A.E. et al., "Electromagnetic compatibility between lte user equipment and eeg signal"

90. Malakyan, Margarita, "Increase of animal survival by pre-treatment of X-ray irradiated rats with Mn(II) amino acid Schiff base complex"

91. Malakyan, Margarita, "Investigation of antiradiation activity of Cu(II) complexes with Schiff Bases derived from L-Tryptophan and isomeric pyridinecarboxaldehydes"

92. Mandić, Igor, "Online radiation dose measurement system for ATLAS experiment"

93. Mandowski, Arkadiusz, et al., "Anomalous effects in thermoluminescence"

94. Manolopoulou, M. et al., "Neutron spectrometry with He-3 proportional counters"

95. Marjanovic, M. Aet al., "Biologically relevant theory about radiofrequency radiation impact on cell redox processes"

96. Marković, Tatjana et al., "Follow-up of Cs-137 activity in the first 100 air samples in the area of Kumodraž, Belgrade in the 2008 to 2011 period"

97. Marinkovic, Olivera et al., "First mobile linear accelerators in serbia - preliminary tld results"

98. Máté, Borbala et al., "210Po activity concentration of blood samples after the radon inhalatoric therapy"

99. McGarrigle, AM et al., "Characterisation of radfet devices in the diagnostic energy range"

100. Medkour Ishak-Boushaki, Ghania; Allab, M. "Bayesian analysis for neutron dose estimation from Bonner sphere measurements"

101. Meghzifene, Ahmed "Radiation standards for radiotherapy, imaging and radiation protection applications"

102. Messa, Luca, Valerio, et al., "Proposed use of magnetic resonance in the evaluation of the safety of mechanical devices for physical training: a study of subjects undergoing training with experimental apparatus."

103. Miclaus, Simona et al., "Electromagnetic near-field level of mobile phones and the embedded dosimetric information"

104. Mihajlović, J. Spomenko; Tomić, Aleksandar, "Signal of induced magnetization as response of biological matter on changes of solar radiation and geomagnetic activity"

105. Mijatović, Z.; Kobilarov, R., "Sun's UV radiation and ozone layer thickness: Results of monitoring during year 2011"

106. Mijucić, V; Filipović, Lješković, I., "Irradiation of blood and blood products"

107. Milenković, Aleksandra et al., "Radiological aspects of the usability of red mud as building material additive"

108. Milenković, B. et al., "Analysis of proton tracks etched in reverse direction in PADC detector used for neutron irradiation"

109. Mitrović, Zoran et al., "Digital integrator unit for ionisation chamber based dosimeters"

110. Nikiforova, A. et al., "Determination of actinides in low level radioactive waste from NPP "Kozloduy""

111. Niknejad, T.S; Setayeshi, S. "MCNP modeling of breast for dose calculation in Mammography and PEM: a Comparative Study"

112. Nikolić, B. et al., "Reduction of patient radiation dose in the case of x-ray medical imaging"

113. Orejuela, D. M. et al., "Comparison calculator of cvol and dlp with ct dosimetry obtained from dicom images of abdomen"

114. Oreščanin, Višnja et al., "Radiological characterization of fly and bottom ash fandfill of the former sulfate pulp factory Plaški"

115. Oshaghi, M. et al., "Dosimetry of high-dose-rate intracavitary brachytherapy with the MammoSite applicator using Mont Carlo simulation"

116. Pavicic, I. et al., "Growth inhibition and damage of microtubule structure in neuroblastoma cell line due to radiofrequency exposure"

117. Paunesku, Tatjana et al., "Plutonium interactions with cells in culture"

118. Pecovska Gjorgjevich, Margareta et al., "Dielectric analysis of sunflower and olive oil submitted to microwave radiation"

119. Perić Mataruga, Vesna et al., "Long term effects of strong static magnetic field on Lymantria dispar L. - fitness related traits, superoxide dismutase and catalase activity"

120. Petkovska, Sonja et al., "TLD postal dose quality audit for 6MV and 15MV photon beams in radiotherapy clinical practice"

121. Petreska, Svetlana et al., "Challenges for implementation of food irradiation in Republic of Macedonia"

122. Petrušić, Zoran et al., "Validation of portable monitoring system for the measurement natural background gamma radiation"

123. Poje, Marina et al., "Neutron detection around high energy linear accelerators in clinical hospital center of Osijek"

124. Polymeris, George et al., "Thermoluminescence (TL) and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) in natural sciences and engineering"

125. Popović, Dragana et al., "Natural radionuclides in soils in Serbia: Dose calculations and environmental risk assessment"

126. Pressyanov, S. Dobromir "Retrospective radon and thoron measurements by home stored cds/dvds – research and practice"

127. Preza, Krenar et al., "Optimizing pediatric doses in CT."

128. Radaideh, Mahmoud, Khaldoon, et al., "Rtog criteria to evaluate acute skin reaction and its risk factors in patients with head and neck cancer submitted to imrt radiotherapy"

129. Radicheva, R. S. et al., "Determination of u and th in contaminated soil and plant samples by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)"

130. Radić, Milica et al., "Comparison of content of naturally occurring radionuclides in imported and pharmaceutical zeolite"

131. Radolić, Vanja et al., "The reliability of earthquake predictions with radon in soil gas anomalies as precursors"

132. Rajić, M. et al., "The choice between two methods for glomerular filtration rate measurement in different stages of renal diseases"

133. Ristić, S. Goran, et al., "Sensitivity of pMOS dosimeters with various gate oxide thicknesses"

134. Salčinović, A. et al.,"Commissioning of computerized treatment planning systems for external high-energy photon beam radiotherapy"

135. Serban, Silvia, "The requirements of regulations for approval of personal dosimetry services in Romania"

136. Semkova, J. et al., "Recent observations of space radiation environment in a tissue-equivalent phantom onboard international space station by Liulin-5 dosemetric telescope"

137. Sironić, Andreja et al., "Depth profiles of 137Cs and 14C in lake sediments from the Plitvice lakes"

138. Smiljanić, Ljubica; Todorović, Nataša, "Optimization of radiation protection of staff in cardiology"

139. Sokolova, D. A; Kravets, A. P. "Changes in methylation pattern of functionally different DNA parts under various irradiation modes"

140. Sokolović, Dusan et al., "The effect of melatonin on body weight and behaviour of rats during exposure to microwave radiation"

141. Somlai, János, et al.,"Radiation dose originating from radon and radon progeny effecting workers in the show Cave of Tapolca (Hungary)"

142. Spasić Jokić, Vesna et al., "Calibration of current integrators used with ionization chambers"

143. Spasić Jokić, Vesna et al., "Measurement uncertainty estimation related to cancer mortality risk due to low dose, low-LET external irradiation"

144. Sosnovskaya A.; Kotava, A. "State of health of the population of Belarus injured of Chernobyl accident: results of long-term monitoring"

145. Sosnovskaya A.; Kotava, A. "Risk of development of malignant tumors at Belarusian liquidators of consequences of accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station"

146. Stalevski, Trajan et al., "Remote control of the field analyzer EFA-300"

147. Stanković, S.J. et al., "Numerical analysis of the shielding energy dependence factor of MOSFET dosimeter in electron-beams irradiation"

148. Stadnyk, L. et al., "Indirect method of entrance surface dose estimation of patients in radiographic examinations"

149. Stadnyk, L. et al., "The investigation of patient doses in diagnostic radiology"

150. Stefanovski, Zoran "Validity of using the first fraction dwell times for the remaining fractions for brachytherapy treatment of carcinoma of the uterine cervix"

151. Stepanovski, Branko, "Assessment of sar in the human head, caused by mobile phone with measurement of the emitted electric field"

152. Stojanović, Ivan et al., "Estimation of the beam quality conversion coefficient in the high photon beam calibration"

153. Stojanović, Mirjana D. et al., "Tobacco plant's capacity for uranium adoption"

154. Stojanovska, Zdenka, "Verification of gamma spectrometric measurements for soil samples"

155. Svrkota, Nikola; Antovic, M. Nevenka, "A possibility for measuring 235U by the multidetector 4π; gamma-spectrometer PRIPYAT-2M"

156. Štrbac, Bojan; Arsovski, Oliver, "Dosimetric verification of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) Treatment Planning in Center for Radiotherapy Banja Luka"

157. Šveljo, Olivera et al., "PET/CT patient dose and image quality"

158. Tavakol, M. et al., "Assessment of dose distribution in human eye proton therapy by Monte Carlo method"

159. Teferi, Seife et al., "Entrance surface dose measurement in pediatric patients undergoing common diagnostic x-ray examinations in Black Lion and Yekatit 12 Hospital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia"

160. Teodorović, Milan et al., "Occupational exposure at high energy medical linear accelerator"

161. Theodorou, K. et al.,"A survey of radiation dose to patients and medical stuff during different diagnostic procedures using tld dosimetry"

162. Todorović, Aleksandra et al., "Differences in activity levels of 137Cs in mushrooms in Eastern and Western Macedonia"

163. Todorović, Danijela et al., "Radiobiological studies of the 62 MeV CATANA therapeutic proton beam on the human melanoma cells"

164. Todorović, Miomir; Ristić, S. Goran, "A new heating system for thermoluminescence reader"

165. Torabi, Nabil et al., "Development of a diffusion chamber for discriminative measurement of radon/thoron using lexan SSNTD"

166. Udovičić, Vladimir et al., "The influence of the radon variability on dose assessment"

167. Vasovic, Nikola et al., "Gamma waste detector for radiochemistry on chip applications"

168. Vlajkovic, Marina et al., "Clinical role of somatostatin analogues scintigraphy in patients with carcinoid tumors"

169. Vučić, D; Nikezić, D. "Lung dosimetric model for radon dose calculation"

170. Vukanac, Ivana et al., "Radionuclide content in laundry detergents available in Serbian market"

171. Vulević, Branislav et al., "In-situ measurements of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in the environment"

172. Westmeier, Wolfram, "Supervision of the radioactive inventory in waste water systems"

173. Yetiş, Hakan et al., "Indoor radon measurements in the abant izzet baysal university campus, bolu, Turkey"

174. Yilmaz, A.; Özbayoğlu, G., "Effect of synthesis methods, doping methods, metals and metal contents on the dosimetric properties of lithium tetraborate"

175. Yilmaz, Ercan et al., "Influence of gamma irradiation on silicon nitride mis capacitors and radiation hardness"

176. Zaporozhan, Valeriy; Popnomarenko, Andriy, "Field nature of Life"

177. Zábori, Balázs et al., "Balloon-borne dosimetry measurements in the frame of the BEXUS student programme – the CoCoRAD experiment"

178. Zbigniew, Olszewski et al., "MEMS capacitive switch for space applications"

179. Zdraveska Kocovska, Marina et al., "RADAR and TLD effective doses to family members of hyperthyroid patients treated with iodine 131"

180. Zhamharyan, L.G. et al., "Copper complexes of schiff base amino acid derivatives as modulators of immune response and antioxidant capacities of the organizm"

181. Zhirnov, Victor; Iakovenko, Igor, "Human blood cells zeta potential response under imposed β-radiation field of low rate"

182. Zivković, Vesna D. et al., "Scintigraphic evaluation of constipation in children with dysfunctional elimination syndrome – preliminary results"

183. Žunić, Zora S. et al., "The Serbian radon mapping project: overview, status, further plans"